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New Standard: Cultivating Success in Michigan’s Cannabis Market


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Michigan’s cannabis industry, New Standard has emerged as a premier dispensary, setting the bar high for quality, customer service, and community engagement. This case study explores how New Standard has positioned itself as a leader in the competitive cannabis market, focusing on its innovative approach to retail, commitment to education, and dedication to local communities.


Founded in 2020, New Standard entered the Michigan cannabis scene with a clear vision: to provide a welcoming, educational, and premium experience for both new and experienced cannabis consumers. With multiple locations across the state, the company quickly gained recognition for its modern, inviting storefronts and knowledgeable staff.


As a newcomer in a rapidly growing industry, New Standard faced several challenges:

  • Differentiating itself in a crowded market
  • Navigating complex regulatory environments
  • Educating consumers about cannabis products and their uses
  • Building trust and credibility within local communities

Strategy and Implementation

To address these challenges, New Standard implemented a multi-faceted strategy:

1. Retail Excellence: The company invested in creating welcoming, modern spaces that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Each location features sleek design elements and user-friendly product displays, making the shopping experience both comfortable and informative.

2. Education First: New Standard prioritized customer education, training staff to be knowledgeable “budtenders” capable of guiding customers through their cannabis journey. The company also hosts regular workshops and events to educate the community about cannabis products and their potential benefits.

3. Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of local support, New Standard actively participates in community events and initiatives. The company has established partnerships with local businesses and organizations, fostering goodwill and integration within each community it serves.

4. Product Curation: By carefully selecting high-quality products from reputable suppliers, New Standard ensures that customers have access to the best cannabis options available. This commitment to quality has helped build trust and loyalty among consumers.

5. Technology Integration: The company developed a user-friendly website and mobile app, allowing customers to browse products, place orders for pickup, and access educational resources easily.


New Standard’s strategic approach has yielded impressive results:

– Rapid expansion to multiple locations across Michigan
– Consistently high customer satisfaction ratings
– Increased brand recognition and loyalty
– Positive relationships with local communities and regulatory bodies
– Growing market share in the competitive Michigan cannabis industry


By focusing on education, quality, and community engagement, New Standard has successfully established itself as a leading cannabis dispensary in Michigan. The company’s commitment to setting a new standard in the industry has not only driven its own success but has also contributed to the broader acceptance and understanding of cannabis in the communities it serves. As the cannabis market continues to evolve, New Standard is well-positioned to maintain its leadership role and drive further innovation in the industry.