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So.. what is this CBD pain relief thing all about?

By now, you’ve probably heard about CBD pain relief. It’s getting pretty popular these days, and for good reason.

Many people are saying that CBD is changing their lives. Why wouldn’t anyone be interested in things that have such a positive impact? The fact that you’ve landed here means that you’re probably CBD-curious, so we’d like to reward that curiosity and help you cut through all the noise in the CBD pain relief world.

There is a large variety of products.. natural hemp flower, oil, extract, edibles, to name a few. What does this all mean, and what are all the new scientific terms about?

We hope you’ve got a minute.. we’ve done a lot of the digging for you so you won’t have to waste precious time heading down internet rabbit holes that may end up leaving you feeling frustrated and confused.

What IS hemp?!

Welcome to the hemp revolution!

For a little bit of background, HEMP is defined in federal legislation as the cannabis plant (yes, THAT cannabis plant) but with one key difference: In short, hemp will not get you high. Over time, the part of the plant that causes the high feeling (a cannabinoid called THC) has been bred out of certain strains.. so though it is still the cannabis plant, it has just been slightly modified. It’s like the O’Doul’s of weed… but that analogy would be more true if non-alcoholic beer could cure cancer!¹

Hemp is now 100% federally legal in the United States thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill—however each state may have its own restrictions, so make sure you check before you .. say, smoke it in public.

Do I need to learn all these scientific terms?

So there are a lot of new (to the average joe) scientific terms being thrown around in the hemp world. You’ve probably seen terpenes, cannabinoids, CBD vs CBG, etc. In a nutshell, these are all ingredients in the medicine that is the hemp plant. CBD is only one of over a hundred little ingredients.. it’s an important one, but it isn’t the only one.

Oils and Flowers and Edibles.. OH MY.

Not all hemp products are created equal! Most revolve around that one little “ingredient” that we mentioned before, CBD.

CBD is supposed to be pretty good for you.. it apparently helps with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and other forms of pain relief.. not to mention it may even help you relax and focus. Some reports even say it cures cancer!

That being said, what many CBD producers will do is they’ll develop a process that EXTRACTS the CBD out of the plant.. then they mix it into things like lotions, oils, vapes, pills, drinks, powders, etc. Now that’s all well and good, but, like we said before, CBD is only ONE of the many “medicinal ingredients” in the hemp plant.. so while these products might be a great start, there are BETTER PRODUCTS that contain EVERYTHING the plant has to offer. That’s why when my Aunt tried to rub CBD oil on her arthritic ankles.. I asked what happened, and she said it might as well have been Canola Oil.. because it didn’t do anything. CBD by itself is not nothing.. but the medicinal magic really happens when everything is TOGETHER.

Better Together.

The key here is that you want CBD hemp products that contain the WHOLE gamut. There is a reason for this.. it’s what’s known as the ENTOURAGE EFFECT. In short, it’s like the quote from Aristotle who said “The WHOLE is greater than the sum of the parts.” All of the little bits of the plant interact with one another in the body and that’s really where the medicinal magic is. For the record, this is called FULL-SPECTRUM.

SO, I want FULL-SPECTRUM oils?

Maybe. Those are getting CLOSER to the real deal. They’re better than just an oil with one isolated piece of the plant, but they take a while to be absorbed by the body and they are often expensive because of the complicated processes involved in their creation.  If they are cheap, you’d be right to be suspicious about how they are made.


Well.. you may have guessed it already, but the best way to make sure you are getting a FULL-SPECTRUM medicinal experience is just to purchase and consume the plant itself! The part of the plant that has everything you need is the FLOWER ITSELF.

So do I just… eat the flower?

Well, you can.. that’s where EDIBLES come in. They can be a great way to get every bit of CBD pain relief you need, but they can have trip-ups as well. Sometimes people will eat an edible hoping to help them with an anxiety attack or to focus on an essay, only to have the effects kick in after the panic attack is over anyway, or after they have already finished their essay! There is an unpredictable DELAYED RESPONSE.

Also, sometimes when you buy an edible online it is unclear whether or not the edible is made/baked with actual hemp flower or if they just added a little CBD oil or powder to their recipe. And even if it is baked with hemp flower, where did that hemp flower come from? Was it grown outdoors in beautifully rich soil, in the sun, or in some indoor greenhouse in the basement of an apartment somewhere in Brooklyn?

Stick to tradition.

The cannabis plant already has a huge following.. Really a subculture.. that more or less agrees on the best way to consume the plant. There’s a reason people don’t invite you to go “bake some weed, maaann”.

For decades, if not centuries, the BEST, most CONVENIENT, FULL-SPECTRUM, and FASTEST ACTING way to consume the hemp/cannabis plant that will give you the most HEALTH BENEFITS is to.. you guessed it.. it’s to SMOKE IT.

But.. isn’t smoking bad for you? 

This is true.. sorta. You have to remember that all of the data about smoking that currently exists is mostly about smoking TOBACCO PRODUCTS. Tobacco products are a different story completely.. why?

To start with, they contain NICOTINE, an addictive chemical that gets you hooked and basically FORCES you to keep smoking even when you are already sick of it. It’s also the NICOTINE that plays a role in turning your teeth and your fingertips yellow.

There is also a long laundry list of ADDITIONAL ADDITIVES that they add to the smoke to make it behave a certain way.. to change the color of the smoke, to make it last longer on the shelf at the convenience store, to give it a slightly sweeter flavor, etc.  It also just flat out STINKS.  

In short, TOBACCO AND NICOTINE ARE THE (stinky!) ENEMY there. When you SMOKE HEMP, you have NONE OF THOSE THINGS in the picture if you choose the right brand.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill you can now purchase hemp FLOWER directly from farmers and producers that grow at the same farms where they grow organic apples, cherries, or hops, to name a few. These are also multi-generational farmers who SPECIALIZE in organic crops that are fit for human consumption.

Yeah but now I have to deal with pipes, grinders, rolling…

True.. though some people prefer that method. Now, thanks to modern industrial innovation some companies are able to run the sticky organic hemp flower through the machines that used to make tobacco cigarettes, now creating for the first time in the world.. HEMP FLOWER CIGARETTES!

This is BY FAR the most CONVENIENT, DISCREET, and EFFICIENT way to smoke hemp. Hemp cigarettes also have FILTERS so it’s healthier than smoking it through a joint.

It’s like you can keep the smoke break, but now enjoy something that is actually relaxing (not to mention good for you), instead of something that creates relaxation through the CESSATION of an ADDICTIVE CRAVING (ahem.. TOBACCO).

Sweet! I found a few companies that make hemp cigarettes, are they all the same?

Unfortunately, not quite.

When in doubt, just break one of the CBD hemp cigarettes open and look at what’s inside.  This is all a very new industry and market, and at the beginning there was a race to see who could get on store shelves first.

The companies that grew the fastest basically got there because they cut a bunch of corners and offered a lower quality product. They filled their cigarettes with ground up hemp stalks, sticks, seeds and then dusted it with a little hemp flower (that’s really where the good stuff is), or worse.. simply sprayed it with CBD oil (remember that it’s not as effective without the other ingredients) and called it a hemp cigarette.

So, you are looking for the hemp cigarettes that contain only 100% CBD HEMP FLOWER, NO FILLER. There are only 1 or 2 brands on the market that offer this!

Imagine a new way to smoke!  Hemp cigarettes that contain 100% CBD HEMP FLOWER, NO FILLER, NO TOBACCO, NO NICOTINE, and NO ADDITIVES are really where it’s at. They’re all natural, and you can even get some that even use HEMP PAPER for the wrap! Not to mention you can get them in Menthol!

So there you go.. I hope you enjoyed our guide through the world of CBD pain relief! Good luck and godspeed to you. May you have a good night.. or a good day… and a good life. Peace!

¹recent scientific studies have shown that the cannabis plant has multiple health benefits

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