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If you were ever wondering if smoking CBD might be more effective using CBD oil topically or orally. Fortunately for you, many users have given their feedback to us and explained that yes, the CBD smoke is much more effective than the oil.

How Is Smoking CBD More Effective?

Smoking hemp may be more effective than oil because it hits the blood stream faster and therefore gives that quick CBD “buzz” that so many CBD hemp advocates crave.

Of course there are some detriments to smoking, we all know that. However, when compared to tobacco, smoking hemp is not only a healthier choice for yourself, the second hand smoke is also healthier for people around you. Does it smell like smoke? Of course, it smells like weed! But it won’t stink up the place the way a tobacco cigarette would.

When I first started smoking hemp, I had a tough time imagining myself enjoying it as much as I do. The main reason I wanted to switch, however, was the tremendous toll tobacco cigarettes were taking on my body and mood.

Waking up with tar in my throat, needing a cigarette just to get through the next few hours, and when I read about the psychological effects of smoking nicotine and all the other chemicals in a tobacco cigarette, I was convinced that the cons outweighed the pros..

That’s when I tried smoke CBD hemp cigarettes as an alternative, and I was mighty surprised!

Smoking Hemp For Pain Relief

I personally suffer from chronic back and neck pain from years of putting stress on my body. While physical therapy and Tylenol can help, the recent spate of articles about adverse effects of Tylenol and other over-the-counter drugs containing the active ingredient made me think twice about using it or similar products. Heck, even just reading the warning label on over-the-counter pain killers is enough to make anyone anxious about what they are putting into their bodies.

So I tried CBD oil first. The biggest problem I had with it was the price: CBD oil is CRAZY expensive! That’s when I realized I had to look into other avenues for a CBD hemp solution, because I certainly wasn’t going to smoke regular weed before I went to work every day at the construction site.

Smoking CBD hemp changed how I felt throughout the day. Between the ease of use, the taste, the lack of additives found in tobacco, and the fact that I recognized the CBD buzz when I first felt it (when was the last time you felt a buzz from a tobacco cigarette?), I was concerned mostly about the price.

And believe me when I tell you that it’s WAY less expensive than CBD oil, even cheaper than typical cigarettes!

If you choose to try smoking CBD, ask yourself first if there are any laws in your state preventing you from doing so, but since it’s a federally legal product, there are only a few states that don’t allow it (you can read about that on our article about CBD pain relief).

My Conclusion

If you try smoking hemp at least once, try it before you smoke regular weed that day so you can see the difference and feel it. CBD is the part of the weed high that isnt psychoactive but makes you feel good all over. Its the part that makes most pot smokers go, “Yeah man!” with their eyes half shut and big ol’ smile on their face. Try it today!

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